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Put your skills to use

Everyone has a talent that’s just waiting to be shared. Maybe you’re a good writer, a good shutterbug or want to use your professional skills outside the office.

When many think about giving to a nonprofit, they head for their wallets. However, volunteering your talents may be just what a nonprofit in your neighborhood is looking for.

Creative Talents
Nonprofit organizations always need writers. Technical writers can help with writing grants. Creative writers can help with the website, writing press releases or newsletter articles. Graphic designers and marketers are always needed to help promote programs and events. Photographers and videographers can capture the history of the organization as the events unfold.

Professional Services Talents
Nonprofits can always use professional services and receiving them from a volunteer can save the organization thousands. If you have a legal background you can review grants and other documents. Those with accounting skills can help keep the books and provide tax advice.

Other Talents
Handy men and women can help keep facilities up to code by lending a hand on plumbing, electrical, painting and general fix-it jobs. Highly organized people can help in the office with filing and other general office duties.

The more talented volunteers an organization can count on, the more they can save money on labor products and services. That means more money goes back to the programs and services the nonprofit provides. So, thanks in advance for sharing.