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Facebook for Good

Nonprofit organizations often face the challenge of letting people know that we’re out making a difference in the world. While we’re focused on doing the work to further our mission, we also have to find time to spread the word about the good that we’re doing—not to mention justifying spending budget dollars on marketing efforts over using that money to directly affect our programs and services. That’s where volunteers can do a little to make a big difference.

If you’re passionate about a cause, don’t hesitate to spread the word. In this age where a plethora of communication tools are at our fingertips, you can take advantage of social media to tell people about nonprofits, events and volunteer experiences you’ve had.

If you have friends on Facebook, share upcoming events, encourage your friends to “like” nonprofit pages and comment on the work a nonprofit is doing. If you are on Twitter or write a blog, share your personal experiences associated with your favorite nonprofits.

Social media sites allow you to reach a large number of people quickly and easily. If you’re participating in fundraising activities, don’t be afraid to put it out in the social media sphere. It could be surprising just who might give to your cause. Or maybe one of your friends may volunteer for an organization if you just ask.

Since June is Effective Communication Month, make an effort to help out a nonprofit by spending just a few minutes at a computer. If your cause of choice hasn’t set up a Facebook page, you may want to volunteer to set one up for them.