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Tour de Bike Trail

Some of the best bike racers in the world have once again made their annual migration to France for their 3,642 kilometer journey across the country. So why not take this opportunity to leave those car keys on the table and hop on a bike of your own. There are a lot of advantages of riding a bike.

Bicycling is a green mode of transportation, using no fuel except your own. Which means you’ll be saving the environment, a little money and possibly dropping a few unwanted pounds.

Bicycling is convenient and surprisingly time-saving. While you have to follow traffic laws, you don’t have to follow typical paths to your destination and once you’re there, forget about the parking hassles. And since you’re getting your workout while getting someplace, it gives you more time to do other tasks rather than finding time for the gym.

Bicycling is recreational. When you’re on a bike, you have more time to take in your surroundings. Plus you can get the whole family involved in an expedition.

So get in gear, grab the bike trail map and create a trek across your community.