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Resume booster

There’s never a better time to polish that resume of yours. Whether you are getting ready to graduate or making a career move, volunteering at a nonprofit organization may just give you the boost you need to land that dream job.

You don’t have the experience we’re looking for. Companies are looking for experience and maybe you aren’t able to gain it through the work you’ve done. For whatever skill you need, there’s probably a nonprofit looking for a volunteer to offer that talent. Volunteering for a nonprofit demonstrates to the potential employer you have the gumption to seek out opportunity to learn new skills and that you have what it takes to be successful.

It’s not what you know. You never know who you will meet while volunteering at a nonprofit. Nonprofit organizations are often more effective playgrounds for networking than traditional networking events. It’s not uncommon for you to find people that are employed at companies you may have an interest in or people who could potentially have a beneficial connection.

You’re a person of character. Potential employers see that you care about your community and the people that call it home. Companies want team players that work well with a variety of people. You will develop that experience at a nonprofit organization.

Even if you’re not looking for work right now, volunteering can help build your skills while allowing you to help someone else. In the process, it may just help you up that corporate ladder.