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Make a Difference on Earth Day 2011

Earth Day is Friday, April 18 and if you haven’t thought of how you can contribute, here are some ideas that may spark your interest. Don’t forget to encourage family members and co-workers to join in.

At Home
If you have the day off, Earth Day activities give you an opportunity to spend time with your family. Start the day by going on a nature walk. Stay outside and plant a tree in your yard. Volunteer to do some planting in your neighborhood park. Go to an Earth Day event in your community.

Around the house, do some spring cleaning and donate or recycle unwanted items. If you haven’t done so already, replace all of your light bulbs with energy efficient ones. Get serious about recycling. Most recycling companies have made it more convenient by sorting your items and picking them up curbside. Take a look through your garage and find any toxic items that are long overdue for recycling and take them to the appropriate centers.

At the Office
Many of you will spend Earth Day behind your desk, but you can still celebrate. Start the day right with an environmentally friendly commute. Take public transportation, organize a carpool or ride your bike. Use your lunch hour to enjoy the outdoors. Make your lunch from organic foods. Organize a spring cleaning at the office to recycle or donate old office equipment. Step away from the printer and make it an electronic document day.

Regardless of what you decide to do to celebrate Earth Day, attempt to make at least one of your activities a habit. Even one small change can make a tremendous impact on our environment.